Friday, October 22, 2010

Hey more treats!
I  made my first petit fours, realised I have a lot to learn about frosting tiny things, it's a tricky monkey alright. Nearly gave up when I decided to try one last one and create something a little more magical. It worked out pretty okay, needs a lot of refinement and I'd like the  icing more shiny, which I can manage.

Beautiful Baby Petit Fours

They are classic genoise sponge with rasberry jam & vanilla butter filling. The icing is lemony which helps with all that sweetness and they are topped with spun and hard candy...oooh and some sprinkles (I know, so retro) xx
The photo taking isn't the greatest but this will improve!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well, I finally made the meringue mushrooms! Now they were lovely and creamy white but I thought they didn't look like the 'real' thing until they looked like I had just plucked them from some darkened magical forest. They are pretty hollow at this point but I plan to make the next batch or punnet with a secret cream filling, thinking about the flavour of that, maybe some kind of nutty cream. Anyhow, happy foraging kiddies....just in time for Halloween, I reckon it was goblin doing.
Vanilla & Chocolate Meringue Mushrooms